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Outreach activities are offered on and off campus. Community based programs include the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program, Service Provider for Families with Children with Special Health Care Needs, and UH Wellness coordination of the Houston/Galveston Consortium on Wellness. LAS also offers a variety of workshops on personal development, healthy choices and decision making, academic success, and parenting support groups.


Learning and Assessment Services (LAS) is a multi-faceted department, with opportunities for multi-disciplinary training. Internships and practicum opportunities also are available. Students from psychology, counseling psychology, social work, or health education may apply for placement at LAS. The guiding principle for training at LAS is to apply psychological, sociological, counseling, and learning theories to training opportunities. Students who are interested can apply for a practicum or internship opportunity in a specific unit within LAS or a multi-unit. Some of the possible training activities include:

  1. Research and outcome assessment
  2. Test administration and interpretation
  3. Program planning and evaluation
  4. Training and supervision of peer educators and peer tutors
  5. Counseling for learning strategies, vocational services, and some personal concerns
  6. Group facilitation in learning strategies, alcohol education, and health and wellness concerns
  7. Development and presentation of psycho-educational workshops